Lundberg Tech’s production-line matrix waste capturing and handling systems are well known for:

  • capturing of matrix with a width up to 550 mm
  • option for a considerably increased web speed
  • no machine stops for removal of waste matrix roll
  • continuous production-line collection of the waste matrix through a funnel
  • continuous cutting of matrix
  • reducing the volume of waste
  • ability to handle paper, plastic and cardboard, even withopen glue
  • no extra space close to the machine for waste matrix rolls
  • can be combined with production-line waste handling ofedge trim

Lundberg Tech can provide matrix waste handling solutions by:

Designing and installing central systems which can include a funnel for the capturing of matrix and edge trim, granulators and cutters with a lubrication system and inside-coated, ventilators, separators, filters for returned air, a unit for collection of the cut waste, an electrical control system complete with an inside-coated or treated connected pipe system and full documentation

Supplying “all-in-one” units which can capture matrix waste using a funnel and coated pipes, and cut it using a granulator, which can be built with a number of different single or double, manual or automatic units for the capturing of the cut waste.

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